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 We have a great selection of Bows and Accessories for all your Archery needs; come in and check out what we have and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.  

The exciting No Cam bow from Mathewes



Z2 short axle to axle bow perfect for the ground blind 




Mission Craze is ideal for all shooter


New PSE bows in stock!




The Mathews No Cam HTR uses Mathew’s new NO CAM ST technology. This system utilizes two round wheels instead of cams. How does the No Cam system work? That’s accomplished by the                                                                                              RockMods and the new zero tolerance axles.

The Mathews No Cam HTR executes a circular string payout that delivers completely level nock travel during the draw cycle. Level nock travel is essential when it comes to tuning any bow. Due to its new design, the Mathews No Cam HTR is extremely efficient, very quiet, and a very smooth drawing bow.



Brace Height
6 5/8" 
Draw Weight
50, 60 & 70 lbs 
Bow Weight
4.14 / 4.3 lbs (With Two Harmonic Stabilizers) approximate 
65%, 75%, 85% 
Draw Lengths
Half Sizes
String: 59 7/8" Cable: 37 5/8" 
Riser Length
IBO Rating
up to 330 fps 

Clarks Price                    $999.99                                                                               

Or call us at 509.684.5069, or visit our store for more information. 



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