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CLARKS ALL SPORTS carries a full line of quality brand names and styles!

From releases to quivers we have all the right equipment to make your shooting or hunting experience fun and rewarding.  Get ahold of us and let one of our professional shooters help determine what's right for you!


Q: "Do you carry Sure Loc sights?

A:  We typicaly do not cary that brand, but we can certainly order in any brand you like!

"Choosing the right sight for your bow can greatly enhance your shooting experience" -Chris

2015 Broad Heads Available

With the low profile and unmatched cutting surface, “the Toxic Broadhead” meets the needs of what todays archers crave. The Toxic comes standard with open-flex technology and a single beveled edge to allow blades to flex open when they encounter bone, leaving a wound that is second to none. This technology is accompanied by a bone crushing chisel tip that allows the broadhead to penetrate deeper, even on those hard angling shots.




• 7/8” Cutting Diameter
• Massive bone crushing chisel tip
• Toxic & Cyclone 100 Grain Blades are Interchangeable
• Meatworm Technology™
• RCD ( Radical Core Decompression Technology)

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